Hold Up Problem Beispiel

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This problem known as hold up is inherent in many bilateral exchanges.

Hold up problem beispiel. The hold up problem is central to the theory of incomplete contracts. Manufacturers and suppliers often customize their equipment and production processes to the special needs of their partners knowing well that future re negotiation will confer part of the benefit from customization to their partners. Parties to a future transaction must make noncontractible relationship specific investments before the transaction takes place. Hold up problem fisher general motors and the nature of the firm benjamin klein university of california los angeles abstract after working well for more than 5 years.

The hold up problem is a situation where two parties may be able to work most effici. We describe here the design of a simple teaching experiment that illustrates the hold up problem. The model used is a simple perfect information game. In economics the hold up problem is central to the theory of incomplete contracts and shows the difficulty in writing complete contracts.

The hold up problem see hart 1995 results from situations where it is difficult to write complete contracts. The specific form of the optimal transaction cannot be determined with certainty beforehand. A historic example of how the difficulty to judge quality and hence the difficulty to write contacts contingent on quality can lead to a hold up problem is provided in a recent paper by harrison and markevich 2007.

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