Bill Of Lading Muster

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A bill of lading maybe issued as a house bill of lading or a master bill of lading.

Bill of lading muster. A bill of lading is issued by the master of a merchant ship to signify the true description of the cargo loaded. Definitions the following words both on the face and back of this bill of lading have the meanings hereby assigned. 03 1 3 printed 03 1 3 bill of lading terms and conditions page 1 1. Carriage means the whole or any part of the operations and services undertaken by the carrier in respect of the goods covered by this bill of lading.

Find free downloadable bill of lading templates for a variety of shipment scenarios in microsoft word and excel pdf and google sheets. On this article you can find the definitions of to order and. 1992 the amended fbl negotiable fiata multimodal transport bill of lading blue replacing the fiata combined transport bill of lading 1996 the fwb non negotiable fiata multimodal transport waybill white blue 1997 the fiata sic shippers intermodal weight certification white green 2005 the revised fiata sdt shippers declaration for. The information included at the rail waybill document is very similar to the information included in the rest of the shipping documents described so far.

A bill of lading is a legal document that ensures goods being shipped are received on time and undamaged. Bill of lading which is a transport document used in international trade is an authentic receipt delivered by a carrier confirming that the goods therein specified markings types of goods number of packages etc have been loaded or taken in charge for loading on a designated vessel for carriage to a specified port. A draft railway bill is given to the shipper in order to accept and consign with the terms noted and after this the original copies are issued. Definitions carrier means the party named on page 2 of this bill of lading.

The bill of lading is evidence that a contract exists and as such it needs to be appropriately filled out at each step from the moment the shipment is received until the moment that it is delivered. Notwithstanding any customs or privileges to the contrary the merchant in accepting this bill of lading expressly agrees to be bound by all stipulations exceptions and conditions attached hereto or stated herein whether written printed stamped or otherwise incorporated herein as fully as if they were all signed by such merchant. The bill of lading must be signed by authorized individuals at the shipping location and the destination as well as by the carrier itself. Bill of lading code name shubil 1994 a 1.

Carrier means a party shown at the top of the face of this bill of lading including the servants agents and the master and the vessel and or her owner.

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